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The Geek Girls Allowed group in Sheffield recently ran a small survey to help re-focus the group and give them some confidence that they were heading in a direction that suited those who are interested in being involved.

The survey results are now in and you can read all about them on the Geek Girls Allowed blog. I didn’t get round to replying to the survey (for shame!) but I was glad to see that those who did take the time to respond had similar views to me. Question 6 asked “Which of the following things really interests you?” and the responses (albeit based on a small sample size) reveal what makes Girl Geeks in Sheffield tick so I thought it would be worth sharing those responses below:

Bar Chart: Question 6 survey results

What interests Sheffield Girl Geeks

This could be a good list to use for ideas if you’re thinking of organising a Girl Geek type event in your local area or even within a classroom.

There is good news for those who indicated a keen interest in craft, arduino technology and electronics because the next Geek Girls Allowed event has just been announced and they are in for a treat because it’s a whole day of working with LED technology and craft. The workshop is taking place on Saturday 23rd October in Sheffield and for £10 all the items you need to create your own ‘electronic craft masterpiece’ will be provided. For full details and to book onto the event please go to the Geek Girls Allowed ‘LED Craft Hulapalooza’ event page.

arduino light show


Written by Helen Harrop

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