Making IT Personal – More and more DOTs

The influx of new volunteer DOTs (Digital Outreach Trainers) continues apace. There is still huge potential for this scheme to provide a flexible framework for NEETs to get involved in voluntary work and thereby build work skills that could make them more employable. Voluntary organisations are certainly very interested, particularly those dealing with younger people, who often have IT skills that would be valued by others less comfortable with digital technology.

We’re now looking at how the project can be sustained after the EU funding runs out. It is already a cheap scheme to run, with huge benefits for Local authorities, since it can lead to cheaper bureaucracy (online services are much cheaper than face-to-face). Commercial businesses are more likely to move to areas where the population is digitally literate – both for an employable workforce and a customer base that is happy to buy online. Healthcare is another service that can make huge savings when people use the internet, as illustrated here:


Written by Nick Jeans

Nick is an e-learning consultant with Sero Consulting Ltd, Sheffield, working on projects with Yorkshire Forward, ALT, Becta, JISC and others.

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